Member Profiles
June 2019
                       Debra Anderson

Originally from Bloomington IN, Debra grew up in a family of race car drivers and auto enthusiasts.  She is a self-professed adrenaline junkie and has always liked fast cars.  She has even driven a NASCAR!!

A natural progression from fast cars, her love for motorcycles started in her 30s.  From the moment she got on one, she loved it!  She has been kicking around the idea of getting a Trike -- she has always liked the looks of them – but, for now, she’s happy to ride on the back.

Debra got turned on to Ghost River through our own Dan Dolny.  She enjoys the camaraderie and adventure of group riding and loves to make new friends.

Debra retired from a Sales and Marketing career about 3 years ago now, but continues to lead a very fulfilling and exciting life.  She has always loved the outdoors and does a lot of hunting, fishing, and hiking.  She’s even gone on an African safari – now that’s a hunting trip!  She’s also passionate about helping underprivileged children and has gone on several missions to Romania and Bangladesh to help build orphanages.

Debra has two children and a stepchild living in Memphis, a stepchild in the Washington DC area, and 7 grandchildren.


                       Billy Williams


   Billy Williams is new to the Ghost River HOG family but definitely not new to the Harley Davidson family.  Billy started riding around 8 years old.  Back then, he sported a Honda Trail 50 until he outgrew that & moved up to a Honda Trail 70.  He graduated to dirt bikes by age 12 and finally got his first street bike (also his first Harley) at 20.  He continued riding for about 6 years after that but then life intervened.  He got married and started a family and decided to hang it up for a while.  16 or so years later and after his divorce, he got back in the saddle with a Harley Road King and has been riding pretty steady ever since.

   A couple of years ago, Billy was lucky enough to meet, and subsequently marry, his soulmate, who also happened to be a GRH member.  Susan turned him on to the Ghost River Chapter and he has since joined and purchased his current ride, a 2014 Whiskey Orange Street Glide.

   Billy loves riding backroads, both day rides and long overnight trips, and is ready to be a Road Captain!  He is in the first stages of planning a ride through his old stomping grounds.  He & Susan ride a lot together but he loves the group dynamic as well.

   Billy is originally from Lexington KY but moved to this area in 1973.  He’s spent the majority of that time in Corinth MS but now resides in Memphis.  Billy works in Corinth as a Calendar Operator and has one grown daughter who lives in Corinth.



                       Ross Dickinson


Since he was old enough to have a driver’s license, Ross has had a love affair with motorcycles.  He started out at 16 with a Honda 125 that he rode until leaving for college.  After 4 long years, Ross graduated, found a job, and bought a Kawasaki 750 Vulcan.  He rode this bike until 1990, when he decided to settle down and start a family.  He gave up riding for a long period to dedicate himself to being a husband and father.

Having successfully raised 3 boys, and all of them now out on their own, Ross signed up for the HD Basic Rider Course in March.  Lucky for him, the GRH Director was one of his instructors and told him about Ghost River HOG.  He checked out the website and thought our group was exactly what he was looking for.  He made a beeline to Bumpus Collierville, test rode a few dozen different bikes, and decided on a 2017 Road King.  He had always wanted a Harley, and now this dream was a reality!

Ross is interested in both day rides and overnight events, but also likes the social aspect of our group.  He would like to eventually lead rides but would like to get a few more miles under his belt and get communications capability before undertaking Road Captain responsibilities.

Ross is originally from Omaha Nebraska, but has been in Memphis since 1998.  He currently works for the FAA as an Air Traffic Controller.  He is married to his wife, Genie, and they have 3 boys; one living in Pittsburg, one here in Memphis, and the youngest is currently serving in the Army as a combat medic.


May 2019
                       Kim Miller

Kim Miller is a true Cheesehead (Go Packers!) and Badger Alumni from the vast metropolis of Lodi, Wisconsin, home of the Blue Devils. She moved to Memphis after transferring to NAS Millington with the US Navy. Kim learned to ride while she was stationed in California, and joined other chapters as she continued to move around the World during her 30 year career in the Navy. She joined both the Memphis and Ghost River chapters after her re-location to Memphis in 2017 and has since made Ghost River her home. In 2019 Commander Kim Miller retired from the Navy, Anchors Away! She now keeps busy with riding, cooking, working out and working on Ghost River projects. She also finds time to volunteer with the Tennessee Dachshund Rescue group by fostering her 2nd love . . . wienies.  Dogs that is! She has two dogs of her own (Gracie and Prissy); one wienie dog and one Chiweenie (Chihuahua\Dachshund mix) and is currently fostering a pair of Dachshunds named Ross and Rachel (guess who they were named for?).

Kim bought a 2017 Street glide Special from Bumpus in Memphis and loves the color (Caramel Sizzle) as she always gets complemented on it. This is her first year of being a chapter officer as she is the Chapter Secretary as well as the Editor of the Newsletter. Since retiring she has really taken on the roles and is a huge asset to the Chapter. When you see her ask her what makes her bike sizzle and what movie inspired her to join the Navy.


March 2019
                       Jeff Euler

Jeff joined GRH in October with the purchase of his new 2018 Fat Boy.  After receiving expert instruction in the Basic Rider’s Course (BRC) from our own Wayne Thompson and Dan Dolny, Jeff knew he wanted to experience the Harley culture and lifestyle first –hand.  Only a month later, he outgrew his Fat Boy and purchased his current ride, a 2018 Street Glide Special.

Jeff has been looking for a new hobby for a while now.  He has his pilot’s license but hasn’t been able to fly lately so riding was next on his list.  His need for speed led him to Bumpus!

Jeff and his wife, Missy, currently a Vespa rider, relocated to Memphis 8 years ago from Hong Kong, where he worked for UPS.  He now works for FedEx.

Missy is planning to take the BRC in the Spring and would very much like to get her own Harley.

Jeff and Missy have 2 children, Ethan, 11, and Noah, 8.

Glad to have you aboard Jeff!  Welcome!

                       Dale Davis

Dale and his wife, Diane, moved to Memphis from Atlanta in January 2018.  His first order of business was buying his 2017 Ultra Limited, which he purchased in February after only being in Memphis for a month.  He’s been riding since he was a young boy, but did mostly trail riding and some moto-cross racing.  He had never had a Harley before so his Ultra is his first! 

Dale was turned on to Ghost River HOG by his neighbor and our Assistant Director, Murry Bailey.  As Dale was unloading some of his bikes from the move, Murry walked over to talk motorcycles with his new neighbor.  Murry told Dale about GRH and Dale agreed that GRH sounded like the kind of group he’d like to be involved with to cultivate new friendships and community ties.  He joined a few months later.

Dale works for Fed Ex and he and Diane have 2 grown children and one grandchild.  Welcome to GRH Dale & Diane!
                         Mark Underwood

Mark is one of our newest GRH members, joining just a month ago, and we are very happy he’s chosen Ghost River as his very first HOG Chapter!  Despite living in Mississippi, Mark opted to join Collierville after getting to know some of the folks at the dealership and wanted to be part of it!  He’s glad to be welcomed into a group of so many good people.  Mark has been riding for about 10 years and currently has a 2014 Ultra Limited. 

    Originally from Kewanee IL, a town famous for building Evil Knievel’s bikes, Mark grew up on dirt bikes.  He was heavily influenced toward riding through Roger Reiman, an AMA Hall of Fame inductee, who owned a Harley Dealership in Mark’s hometown and was also Evil Knievel’s Head Mechanic.  Mark is very proud to have known Roger and learned a lot about riding from him.

    Mark and his wife, Denise, have lived in this area for almost 15 years, relocating here from Dallas.  Denise enjoys riding with Mark and will be along for many rides this summer!  Mark and Denise have 2 children, both grown, and living in Dallas.

    Mark enjoys the camaraderie and brotherhood (sisterhood too?) of riding and enjoys charity rides.  He’s anxious for the weather to clear and start the summer riding season! 

                         Tony & Michelle Lavelle

Michelle and Tony moved to Memphis in February 2018 from Chicago.  They wanted out of Illinois and decided upon Memphis through a compromise between Michelle’s first choice of Costa Mesa, CA and Tony’s first pick of Louisville, KY.  Since Memphis seemed to be kind of in the middle, and a city they both could agree upon, they decided to give it a try.  They have spent the last year here remodeling their house and are now ready to get out and ride.  Welcome to the Bluff City!

Michelle has been riding for about 2 years.  She got the riding bug after seeing an HD Iron 883 that she just fell in love with.  Since the kids were out of the house, and Tony & Michelle both wanted a new hobby they could do together, Tony went ahead and bought that bike for Michelle!  She learned to ride shortly after that and just loves it.  Tony is a new rider and will be taking the Basic Riders Course at Bumpus.  Michelle currently rides a Slim S and Tony has a Street Glide.

Michelle runs a furniture art and design business while Tony is a real estate investor.  They have 2 boys, ages 29 & 27.

January 2019
                       Vaughn Porter

Vaughn has been a member of Ghost River since last September. He was turned on to our Chapter through his rider coaches, Dave & Dan (Well done, fellas!). Vaughn rides a 2010 Ultra Classic, purchased immediately after his successful completion of the Basic Riders Course (BRC). He grew up riding dirt bikes, but the Ultra is his first street bike ever! He’s already put over 8,000 miles on her! Way to go Vaughn!

Vaughn has wanted a Harley for almost 30 years. In 1991, while in St. Louis on business, a friend invited him to join him on a ride and even let him borrow his second bike! Of course Vaughn accepted and waited anxiously while his friend disappeared into the house to get ready. Vaughn, clad in typical
business casual attire of khakis, collared shirt, and penny loafers, instantly felt a little silly upon seeing his friend emerge in all black leather & sunglasses. That day, Vaughn was fully immersed in the Harley culture and he’s been ever since.

Vaughn prefers long, scenic rides and would love to do lots of overnight trips this summer. Vaughn and his wife, Lisa, have 3 kids – Josh, Lexie, and Ally.
                          Cliff Higdon
Cliff joined our chapter at the January meeting. He rides a 1998 Heritage Springer and has been riding for over 50 years! At 8 years old, while in Kansas City, he and his Dad saw a group of Hell’s Angels roll by and it was all over for him. He’s been a Harley enthusiast ever since!
Cliff is married to his lovely wife, Kimberly, and they have 3 children – 2 girls and a boy – and one granddaughter (so far!) Currently, Cliff works as an analyst for FedEx.
Cliff decided to join the chapter after most of his riding friends either left the area or gave up motorcycling. He’s been riding solo for quite a while now and misses the camaraderie of group riding. As Kimberly doesn’t normally ride with him, Cliff prefers day trips over longer overnight rides.
September 2017

                   The Unknown Biker

This is the guy (or gal) who isn't riding with us. Maybe he's a member, maybe he's not. He thinks he's living life to the fullest, but he's sadly mistaken. Unless he's rolling with Ghost River HOG, he's just camping out.

Don't be this guy. Be active. Ride!

October 2016 - Murry Bailey
I grew up in Memphis and got my first motorcycle in 1962, a 125 Ducati. Almost 2 dozen bikes later, I bought a 2016 LowRider S, only my third Harley. I attended Memphis State and served four years in USAF. I worked for Bellsouth until my retirement. I then designed and built homes in Tennessee and Mississippi. My wife and I both love to ride and enjoy the company of our new friends in Ghost River. When I'm not riding , I like to be in my shop listening to classic rock or a U of M Tiger game and having a cold beverage.
July 2016 - Steve Hibbs
Hi, my name is Steve Hibbs and have been a member of the Ghost River HOG Chapter for two and a half years.

My first real motorcycle was a 2 stroke 3 cylinder Kawasaki 500 which I owned during my college years at the University of Maryland. It was a really fast bike which vibrated a lot. But for a college student it was a cool bike. During that timeframe a friend lent me his Harley for a day. Turned out to be an experience I never forgot and vowed to one day own a Harley.

Well after 36 years of family, job and life that day came in March of 2014. I purchased a new 2014 Road King and shortly thereafter joined GRH.

I just completed a 17 day trip (5230 miles) to primarily South Dakota and Colorado (11 states total). The trip included the Black Hills, Custer State Park, Badlands SD, Estes Park, Royal Gorge, Mesa Verde and the many scenic routes around Durango CO. Along the way I learned at least two things; 1. There is no better way to see the sights than on a bike and 2. Taking pictures is nice but they will never be able to convey the feeling of riding over Milner Pass or paralleling the Rio Grande river on CO Route 149!
June 2016 - Paul "Brillo" Kolleda
Hello, I'm Paul "Brillo" Kolleda. I have been a member of the Ghost River Hog Chapter since Dec 2015 and I love to ride. I transferred to Memphis in May 2015 from Howell, Mi with Technicolor, who I've worked for 15 years. I'm a 20 year Air Force veteran. My wife Liz and youngest son Zachary will move down to Memphis June 7, 2016. I have had a great time and have made some great friends with our group since I joined. Thanks for accepting a Northerner.
May 2016 - Ed and Tanya Long

Ed and Tanya are “northern” transplants arriving in Collierville in 2008 from the Washington DC metro area.  Ed worked at the United States Postal Service, mainly in management, for 38 years.  Tanya was an at-home mother and chose to home school their two children from kindergarten thru 12th grade.  The two children are now attending the University of Maryland, College Park majoring in biological engineering. 

Ed  has always had an interest in motorcycles, and in particular, Harley Davidson’s, but concentrated more on family and his job.  So in 2008, at age 54, he bought his first bike, a 2008 Electra Glide Ultra Classic, from the Bumpus Memphis dealership.  As soon as he straddled the bike for the first time, cranked the engine, he was hooked.  Since he was brand new to the motorcycle experience, he rode mainly to work and back the first 4 months.  Living close to the Bumpus Collierville dealership, but never actually stepping into it, he would ride by and tell himself to just stop by one day and start getting acclimated to the environment.  He admittedly was a little shy due to never been on a bike before and didn’t know what to expect out of the dealership.  Well in November 2008, he did walk in and found out about Ghost River HOG (GRH).  He joined immediately and started riding with the group that month.

Ever since that November, he has met really great people within the group and went on some fantastic rides.  He has logged about 75,000 miles since he first purchased his first bike.  He is now on his 4th bike, a CVO Road Glide Ultra and loves it.

Tanya was fairly reluctant to ride with Ed in the early years, citing she needed to concentrate on the young kids they had at home.  When their kids started college, she started riding a little more with Ed, and soon she too was hooked.  It is nearly impossible to get her off the bike now.  When given a choice to cage it to an event, on go on two wheels, she always chooses the two wheels.  And Ed says she is an excellent passenger that quickly learned the nuances of being a riding partner. 

This year to give back to the group they volunteered as the activities officers. 

They both greatly enjoy their time they spend with the GRH family.  Even though they plan on relocating this year to Virginia or North Carolina to get closer to their kids and grandkids, they plan on keeping their Ghost River HOG membership active to stay in touch with the group.
April 2016 - Karen Campbell
Hi, I'm Karen Campbell and I'm a pillion passenger! I ride on the back of our 2014 Ultra Classic. I love, love Amber Whiskey! Nope, that's not a drink at the local watering hole but the color of our beautiful bike.

No ride is too short or too long! I absolutely enjoy all types of rides from evening dinner rides to all day and weekend trips. I enjoyed doing the "HOG ABCs of Touring" in 20 states last year and have ridden in 5 Iron Butt Rides saddle score 1000 - which is the basic IBA ride of a 1000 miles in 24 hours.

Plus, have an awesome time participating in scavenger hunt type rides that are from 8 to 24 hours on the bike. I was so excited "Team Campbell" finished 3rd in the "2015 Niit Wit" 12 hour Rally. This month (April 2016) I'm looking forward to participating in both the "Heart of Texas", a 12 hour Rally and the "2016 Rock-N-Ride", an 8 hour Rally. In October, Team Campbell will be participating in the 2016 Niit Wit 12 hour Rally to see if we can better our finish from last year.

These Rallys are planned somewhat like a scavenger hunt with a list of bonus locations provided to participates a couple days in advance. The bonus locations have various point values. Riders choose from the list of bonuses to map out what they believe to be the winning route. You document your ride either by taking pictures of your rally flag or gathering information from a plaque or marker at that location. Points are either awarded or deducted based on completing the Rally directions and rules.


Since we are always looking for something fun and different, we recently started the "Penny Insanity" and have one year to collect 100 souvenir pressed pennies from 20 different states with 5 states being west of the Mississippi River.


Riding and meeting friends is also at the top of the list of fun things to do and I would like to thank GRH for being so friendly and welcoming. Nothing beats a lunch ride on a beautiful day!

A high school friend recently posted on Facebook that we are always eating. I replied, that's true! It's not about the food but the people I'm blessed to have at the table with me.

Life is good! Enjoy the Ride!

March 2016 - Richard Bounds

The first Ghost River Member of the Month is charter member, Richard Bounds. His first bike was a Honda 110 Trail Bike. He and his wife, Chris, had a lot of fun learning to ride on a pair of these. After a while, he moved up to a 2004 Suzuki Volusia 805 cruiser, before becoming a Harley rider.

He moved to the Memphis area from Los Angeles in 1987, in a job transfer with Northwest Airlines. He remembers waiting for the new Bumpus Harley Collierville store to open. When they opened up, he hung around for a while and finally gave in – he bought a 2005 Heritage Softail Classic. He loves the way the bike fits him and the smooth running engine.

He attended the first meetings to discover if there was enough interest in forming the Collierville HOG chapter. There were 60 or 70 people showing interest and they came up with ideas for a chapter name. After clearing them through Harley, Ghost River was chosen for the new chapter name.

On a memorable Ghost River ride in 2013, he had an unfortunate unscheduled departure from his Softail and got a little bruised. We canceled our lunch plans and we all rode to the hospital to lend our support. Luckily, he was release an hour or so later and on the way home. His bike didn’t do as well, so he now has a 2010 Heritage Softail Classic.

Richard remains an active member and can often be spotted on chapter rides.